Leslie, hier’s jou nanas, djy’s nie history nie, jou . . .

There’s that old saying that goes “out of sight, out of mind”.

So, given that Leslie Kleinsmith now finds himself living the quiet life in a little village in the south of France for the last few years, is he “out of mind” with his  thousands of fans back in his hometown?


Leslie Kleinsmith . . . a man for all reasons.

Far from it! The veteran singer with the silky voice still has a presence back home if one uses social media as a guide.  Check out  his Facebook page. He only has to update his Status with a sneeze — and all his ”friends” will chip in with a “bless you!”

Leslie is a legend in Cape Town. He has earned that honour.  In a lengthy interview for this blog he opens up about his early life, his influences, the things which piss him off, his emotional first meeting with his son after 36 years, and reflections on three of his now departed contemporaries — Zane, Taliep and Tony Schilder — who meant so much to him. Read it here or click on the Interview with Artists on the menu bar. Also read how he got into District 6 The Musical at the end of the interview. And don’t be afraid to leave a comment at end and to maybe also follow this blog.


  1. Just got this ..about Les … saving it For bedtime tonight … So Warren when we doing an Interview… ? Kind Regards Terry Fortune



    1. Stay by the phone Terry, stay by the phone and watch you email, in box etc. It’s going to happen. May have to resort to an expurgated account given your penchant for exposing yourself on your FB page.


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