Sophia Foster . . . the lady is a vamp


Sophia Foster on stage  is all about glitz and glamour and visual extravaganza.

But there is a lot more to this lady than just a dynamic voice that goes with a colour spectacular.

After years, nay decades, in South African showbiz, she is eminently qualified to give an opinion on matters affecting the entertainment industry.

Those who know her can vouch for that straight-no-chaser advice that can be accompanied by an ascerbic tongue . . . or it can be mellow, comforting words to the  young female singers she has taken to mentoring.

She started in the Sixties and has many stories to tell about herself and her fellow entertainers (some of which has had to be sanitised or omitted because this blog is just a hobby and can’t afford legal action). Click on the link below to read about Sophia’s story.

One comment

  1. my all time favourite South African Lady singer!
    I get Goosebumps when she’s belting it out on stage.


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