Trying times for Pacific Express

Three months ago things looked really great for Pacific Express. They had just had a reunion event, the feedback was good and suddenly more engagements came rolling in.

So good in fact that they had four high-profile gigs lined up in quick succession — a gig at The Castle, the Tietiesbaai jazz event, the P.P. Arnold Kafunta concert at His People last weekend and the Cape Town Jazz Festival at the end of the month.

But, sadly, it hasn’t been all good times. Singer Zane Adams died a few days before The Castle gig and the group has had to jump through hoops to find a new vocalist and to fill other short-term vacancies.

Guitarist Issy Ariefdien says it has been a trying few weeks, but they are optimistic about the future of a reborn Pacific Express.

“It was a shock to lose Zane, it was a hard blow and some of the guys are still feeling it,” he said.

“We had to cancel the Castle gig but we will honour every other commitment.

“At the moment our priority is to find a regular vocalist if we are going to continue as a group. We handled the Tietiesbaai gig with the help of Alistair Izobell and Vernon Castle.”

Glenn Robertson helped out at the P.P. Arnold show at His People’s Church in Goodwood last Saturday.

Bassist Greg Higgins, saxophonist Didier Richards, pianist Mark Goliath and drummer Deon Peterson joined Chris Schilder, Issy Ariefdien and Jack Momple for the Tietiesbaai event and filled in again at the P.P. Arnold show where Jack and Chris were unavailable due to prior commitments.

Issy says there will be minor changes over time but they will get through it — and they will be at the Cape Town Jazz Festival!

Overnight another former Pacific Express player, drummer Vic Higgins, passed away.

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  1. Hi! Warren if you could forward me Issy Ariefdiens number

    I’m sure I could solve their problem of a permanent vocalist



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    Office: 021 5920156

    Fax: 021 5920157

    138 Voortrekker road, Goodwood


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  2. It is so sad to lose such fantastic musicians/people, but unfortunately time marches on. Thank goodness Zayn started the Express reunion, just leave to Issy to continue with this great band. All the very best for the future.


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