Look who’s together again ….

Recognise some of these faces? See what this is all about here?

Issy Ariefdien (second from left), Zayn Adams (striped top), Chris Schilder (Ebrahim Khalil Shihab), and Jack Momple with Didier Richards and Greg Higgins.

Issy Ariefdien (second from left), Zayn Adams (striped top), Chris Schilder (Ebrahim Khalil Shihab), and Jack Momple with Didier Richards and Greg Higgins.

I caught Issy, Jack, Zayn, and Chris rehearsing for their Pacific Express Reunion Gig tomorrow at the Pizza Shack in Ottery.  Check it out and let me know how it went. I  can’t make it to the gig.


  1. Hi Warren … I checked out your site….it’s super awesome. Much appreciated. I think you and Express can take it to another level broe. We can always keep you posted as to what’s cooking. There are quite a few huge events in the pipeline. Zayn can fill you in regarding all the upcoming gigs.
    We just need to get a few facts straight broe. First of all Zayn deserves all the props for this reunion. It took him 3 years to put these exciting events together. He’s been working 24/7 to make this a reality. The other blunder I made was my correct age. Sunday afternoon my wife said … Hello !!! you’re not 71 years old …. She said a few years ago you wanted to be a youngster , now all of a sudden you make yourself older. ” jy is 70… Idiot. Waar kom jy aan 71 ” ? Ha he he. Sorry for misleading you broe.
    Warren please make mention that this Reunion event was Zayn ‘s brainchild.
    Correction broe … Although the people asked for more … We felt that because of the sound on stage , the band was not tight enough and we could have done better.
    Off stage few people stopped to say how awesome our performance was. They raving about the original sound of Express and how they grew up and doing their homework listening to our music. Some of the guys were so excited and going on how amazing it was …. We still felt we could have done much better. The monitors on stage were so bad that we couldn’t hear most of the band on stage.
    When you called me on Sunday i was really pumped up. I was merely explaining to you at that moment how I was feeling the following morning after the show despite all the hassles we encountered on stage. Festivals are normally a nightmare especially where the sound is concern. Warren blowing them away is a bit too strong an expression to describe the concert.
    I don’t want the people to think that I’m exaggerating ’cause the band wasn’t that hot. After the show Zayn was very pissed-off, me too. But when the people came up to me raving about our performance I then felt much better. The people were truly excited and over the moon.


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